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Bowl America has adopted the following Code of Ethics in order to provide guidance for all persons employed by Bowl America Incorporated.  Please read this statement because you will be expected to comply with it.  It is not an employment contract and its issuance by Bowl America does not create any contractual rights. 

The cornerstone of our Code is adherence to the law.  In all matters connected with Bowl America’s operation, you will be expected to observe all laws and regulations of both Federal and local governments.  This includes, but is not limited to, those: 

1)      Affecting the health and safety of your fellow employees and the public;

2)      Affecting conditions of employment;

3)      Affecting the treatment of customers and fellow workers;

4)      Relating to honesty in our dealings both within the company and with customers; and

5)      Relating to transactions in our securities and compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission and American Stock Exchange disclosure requirements.

 Conflicts of Interest

We all owe a duty to the company to advance its business interests and are prohibited from taking personal advantage of business opportunities in which Bowl America may be interested.  While in the employ of Bowl America, we may not operate outside businesses which compete with Bowl America or accept employment with a competitor of Bowl America.  We are permitted to purchase items from Bowl America on the same basis as any other members of the public subject only to our published employee discounts.  We may also be employed by a company that maintains a mutually beneficial business relationship with Bowl America.  However, any transactions resulting from such employment must be approved by an officer of our company.

 Laws are very complicated and you should not feel that Bowl America is asking you to be a detective or an attorney.  If you believe in good faith that we should investigate items in any of the above areas, you should discuss the matter with Cheryl Dragoo, Sr. Vice President & CFO, at 703 941 6300 ext. 221.

 Any individual who is uncomfortable reporting such matters to Ms. Dragoo may communicate directly with the Warren Braham, Chairman of the Audit Committee, 21124 Cardinal Pond Terrace #216, Ashburn, VA  20147 who will respond as promptly and discreetly as practicable.  No retribution will be taken against any employee for reporting a violation in good faith.

 Revision 06-2015

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